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Roles in a Montessori Environment

Within a Montessori classroom environment the teachers, the child's work and his parents all serve unique function.

Montessori teachers:

  • Are well-versed in child development and Montessori principles and practices;
  • Prepare the environment for the child pursuant to their keen observations and their knowledge of child development and Montessori theory;
  • Engage the child with the environment through their guidance and collaborative efforts; and
  • Model appropriate behavior for the child within the environment.

The child's work:

  • Is principle based rather than mechanical learning.
  • Is developmentally appropriate.
  • Incorporates elements and materials that increase in complexity as a child progresses in years, following a prescribed sequence.
  • Is purposeful and designed to develop skills while pursuing other practical ends.
  • Incorporates responsibility and ownership.

Parent of a Montessori child:

  • Create a home environment that encourages exploration
  • Observe your child and provide activities that reflect his interests
  • Set high, but attainable expectations for him
  • Become involved in their education